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10 Reasons to Send Unwilted Paper Flowers This Holiday Season (2020)

10 Reasons to Send Unwilted Paper Flowers This Holiday Season (2020)

Covid-19 has drastically affected the holidays this year. With shelter in place orders, many of us may not get the chance to see our family members this year. People will naturally go virtual in search of a gift this holiday season. Gift-giving will look very different this year but we’ve got you! Don’t let 2020 cancel your holidays!

Sending flowers is popular all year long. Sending Unwilted flowers will add an extra flair and show that extra effort. Here are 10 more reasons why sending Unwilted flowers will help you make an impression even if you aren’t there in person.

  1. No need to worry about the freshness of flowers
    We make life-like blooms from premium crepe paper. Your arrangement will arrive at their doorstep full of life, with no water or fuss required. No more rotting stems or wilted flowers. We take the anxiousness out of sending flowers and offer a more eco-friendly but just as beautiful option.  

  2. You can’t go wrong
    Finding a perfect gift for someone can feel like an impossible task. Whether it is a co-worker or Mom, Unwilted makes it easy to gift by offering seasonless arrangements in a variety of sizes that can be on display in any home or office all year long.

  3. Perfect for the one who has everything
    Unwilted arrangements come in many different sizes and colors. Even if they have everything, you can bet they don’t have an Unwilted arrangement. Choose from our pre-designed selection, customize with extra blooms, or create your own.

  4. Express your feelings when you can’t be there
    With over 10 years of fresh floral experience, we understand what emotional impact flowers can have. We’ve harnessed this flower power into each arrangement, to help you easily send love, good vibes, and happy thoughts to loved ones across the world.

  5. Flowers are always festive.
    We typically think flowers are meant for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. But we make it fun for you to send and exciting for them to receive. Unique, versatile, and elegant; these won’t go in their return pile.

  6. Allergy Free
    We already have Covid and the flu to worry about this holiday season, let’s not add more concerns to our health. No longer worry about what flowers they may be allergic to or lingering pesticides! Our paper arrangements bring the beauty of flowers without the pollen attacks.

  7. Reminder of the beauty in nature
    A bright gathering of flowers can warm up any room. An Unwilted arrangement makes a perfect uplifting gift that can combat winter blues with lush hues and big blooms. 

  8. You’re sending a piece of art
    When you send an Unwilted arrangement, they will receive stunning flowers AND a piece of art. Designed to replicate flowers at full bloom, each stem has been carefully handcrafted to add layers of detail. Pair with a vase and place in any space for a bright touch of joy.

  9. No maintenance
    We have flowers for people who don’t like receiving flowers. We send your flowers pre-arranged and ready to place right out of the box.Your arrangement arrives in a our signature peek-a-bloom box making the unwrapping process fun and work-free.  No water, no trimming, no fuss.

  10. Your loving message will last
    Even after the holidays, your thoughtfulness and joyful wishes will remain. Unwilted flowers are handmade keepsakes that will be cherished for a lifetime. 

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