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Unwilted’s Guide on Sending the Perfect Flower Arrangement

Unwilted’s Guide on Sending the Perfect Flower Arrangement

A delivery of flowers is one of the best ways to express admiration and appreciation for someone, but deciding what to send can sometimes be overwhelming.

Unwilted makes it simple; you don’t have to worry about what’s fresh or in season, any unwanted allergic reactions or if they will receive rotting stems (Ew!) at their doorstep. Follow these tips for a foolproof way to impress! 

When should you send flowers?

Everyday! (LOL) While many people tend to reserve flowers for Valentine's Day and Mother’s Day, we think sending flowers is a wonderful gift for any occasion. 

Ready to knock their socks off? Great!  Read on for our quick tips on how to select the perfect gift!

What type of flowers should you send?

Saffron Lust

It can feel like a ton of pressure to decide what to send. What if you don’t know their favorite flower? Unsure on what sort of arrangement they like? Look to what they wear or their home decor for clues! 

Do they have a bright and fun style? Try Crepe Paper Suzette or Saffron Lust.  Are they more classic and subdued in their attire? Cloud Gazing and Peony for Your Thoughts are simple, stunning options.  

Cloud Gazing

Since Unwilted flowers are lasting decor, perhaps think about their home or office; where they might display their blooms.  Do they have bold, rainbow colors in every room? Sunday Funday or Fall Splendor would be a great addition! 

Sunday Funday 

However, if they have crisp clean lines and only pops of certain colors, try Kir Royale or Mellow Yellow to accent their space.  

Kir Royale

Choosing flowers based on what they like can have a huge impact. Remember, most people just like to be thought of, and getting an Unwilted arrangement ensures that they don’t have to do any work once they receive their flowers.  

Pick a ready-made arrangement OR customize a bouquet yourself!

We have lots of ways to make your delivery special.  Simply select from our professionally designed collection of seasonless arrangements that are fit for any occasion.  

If you would like something slightly custom, you can add extra blooms; favorite flowers or colors, to make it a one of a kind arrangement.  We will tuck them into your arrangement so they blend beautifully. 

Looking for a specific assortment?  Easily create your own unique mix! Choose exactly the stems you want from our most popular flowers to send a personalized touch. We’ll take care of arranging your bouquet; hand-tied just for you! 

Regardless of what you choose, Unwilted arrangements are always beautifully blooming.

*No need to overthink it.  

Often, people will surprise you with what sorts of flowers strike their fancy.  Flowers, like food and music, have the ability to transport in time and space.  Perhaps their grandfather was a rose gardener or their favorite memory was the first pop of peonies in the spring.  Maybe you don’t know their favorite flower, don’t stress!  Unwilted bouquets are sure to delight.  

Remember to attach a personal message.

Whew! You did it! You picked your flowers. Just make sure to include a personal note. 

A message from your heart will make your flowers even more special. 

Translating feelings into words can be tough. I love you? I miss you? Just because? Check out our list of card message (link) suggestions for creative and fitting ways to express your thoughts. 

Something witty and funny is always uplifting, but you can’t go wrong with a simple and sweet note.

Need more direction? We are happy to help! Drop us a message at and we’ll get back to you with suggestions! 

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